New breweries added to Pilates & Pints!

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Coming to Tacoma & downtown Seattle!

Have you checked out a Pilates & Pints event yet? We have an amazing time! It’s a great chance for you to not only get a good workout in, but spend time with friends, meet new friends, and try out some great craft beer.

Since I’m a shameless self promoter and think this concept is just cool beans, I keep picking up new breweries to hold events at! Just last Saturday I was down at Dystopian State Brewing in downtown Tacoma with a friend, having a beer on our way to a birthday party.


Now, this was the very first time I had stepped foot in this brewery, and I had only tried their beer once at a beer festival. But there I am, handing out cards to the tasting room lead and talking up Pilates & Pints. I just felt like the space needed some sweaty people in spandex! I have to keep reminding myself that I’m only one person and can’t magically be in multiple places at once. Sigh, guess it’s time to start finding some other beer-loving instructors to help me out!

I also had a great meeting with Pyramid Brewing down across from the baseball stadium in downtown Seattle. They have a huge location, with several event spaces that we can use. They really like the concept, but we all agreed that summer was not a great time to try to make it happen, so are going to start up in September. Maybe we will even do a Happy Hour class during the week! Stay tuned!

Do you know of a brewery that would be great for a Pilates & Pints event? Tell me in the comments or shoot me an email!


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