Pilates & Pints debut in Tacoma at The HUB

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Last night was my first Pilates & Pints in Tacoma, at The Hub by Harmon Brewing. It was amazing! What a great group! They all did so well, and were just some of the nicest people. Although I love creating choreography and teaching, what I love best about these events is meeting new people. I feel like my life is enriched every time I host a Pilates & Pints. Thank you so much to Rebecca, Meghan, Katie, Amanda, John, Marsha, and Kathleen.

Big thanks to Harmon Brewing and The HUB for giving me this opportunity. I eat or drink there almost every time I come to Tacoma, and never dreamed that I would be able to have my event there! Thanks to Jeff & Tessa Carlson for hooking me up. You guys are the best. And you make some pretty fine beer! Although I was sad that The Raja was no longer on tap. Sigh….

I will be scheduling another Happy Hour Pilates and pints soon, hopefully at The Hub again. In the meantime check out my schedule for upcoming events. Check out my newly formed chapter of the Meetup group Beer Necessities (Women Who Love Beer) South Puget Sound and Tacoma. I’ll be announcing the launch party soon, so join up! Its free to join and attend those events.




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